love relationships self love

        Dimensions of love – opening the body,

heart and mind


5 days residential workshop on the beautiful
island of Tenerife

To know love is to experience it in all of its dimensions – towards yourself, with another, and untimately – as a state of being.
We need the vital energy in the body in order to be grounded and strong, alive and creative, courageous and active.
We also need the energy of the heart in order to connect, share, give, feel, to have compassion and understanding, to grow into a partnership.
When the body and heart are awakened, we can taste the flavor of the highest dimension of love – that of the Spirit, which comes with meditation, with gratitude and with the longing to surrender.

In this group we will explore:

The body, the breath, the blockages and the layers of conditioning that have kept us imprisoned in ourselves.
What keeps us away from being authentic and how to overcome fears.
The traumas of attachment and the obstacles to feel closeness with another – melting in love.
The orders of love according to family constellations.

Some aspects that we will cover:

The body – Breath and Bio-energetics

  • Vitality, free flow, expression
  • Healing early attachment traumas
  • Our connection with our mother is the beginning
  • Exercises for the body with bio-energetics and breath

The heart – Family Constellations

  • The orders of love in a family
  • Constellations for balancing trans-generational traumas  and unfinished business in the past
  • Opening the heart to love

The Mind – Consciousness – Art and  Meditations

  • Opening to trust
  • Finding the creative source inside
  • Intuition and art

What you will gain:

  • Understanding of the basis of love in relationship to yourself, your family and your
  • Experience of meditations, guided exercises and insights about the obstacles to love,
    how to transform them and grow beyond
  • Healing of past wounds and relationships, right attitude to past and present partners
    and events and a new stance in life about love
  • Feedback to some of your personal questions
  • Support for some of your current challenges
  • You will learn new ways of behaviours that will balance and transcend all of your
  • You will be in a supportive group of people with similar interests and goals and have
    fun in fabulous nature

This group is an invitation for deep healing, transformation and openness. When we touch on the deeper dimensions of love, we open to the Divine inside of us, to trust, to all possibilities!

Join us for an amazing, gentle and healing journey!


Dates: 15th – 22nd November 2023

Price: 1’970 CHF single occupancy

1’800 CHF shared double room

Included in the price:

  • Airport transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • 5 days workshop activities

The Villa

A beautiful villa in the south of Tenerife 20min from the Airport 5 min from the beach

Pool, Garden and BBQ


Elitsa Velikova: Elitsa has a master’s degree in expressive arts therapy and psychology Switzerland and the UK. She is a university teacher at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, and the director of the Institute for therapy and expressive arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has been trained in various therapeutic methods, such as Family Constellations, Childhood Trauma work, Breath and body therapy, Counselling skills. Elitsa has conducted many workshops in various countries around the world – in Europe, USA, China, Turkey, and others. She has worked with adults, children, couples and families for the last 18 years individually and in groups. She facilitates educational and professional courses for family constellation and expressive arts therapy and uses these methods
in many therapeutic settings.

Rozalina Angelova: Rozalina gained her master’s degree in clinical psychology at the free university in Berlin. Working with children, couples and individuals she has been using body-centred psychological therapy, coaching, yoga, meditation and reiki to support and guide her clients. She has been organising workshops and seminars mainly in Switzerland, where she has been
living for the past 12 years. Rozalina works with her clients in English and German.