Modern Mindful Therapy

Rozalina Angelova


My approach is based on my educational
background as a psychologist,
psychotherapeutic counselor, NLP coach
and a yoga teacher.


On a more personal level, my life has given me the most practical education to understand and support people who are going through difficult times of pain, loss, confusion and stress. Still healing and learning every day, I am fulfilling my heart’s desire to help and be there for my clients with knowledge, experience and love.

Transform your relationsship with yourself and others

Dipl.Psych Rozalina Angelova


Dipl /Msc Psychology, Free University Berlin


Bodycentered Psychotherapy in education under supervision, IKP Insitut für Körperzentrierte Psychotherapie Zürich


ADHD, Addiction, Trauma, Burn-out, Anxiety, Depression, Identity Crisis, Energy Disbalnace, Psychosomatics, Relationships


NLP Practioner Certification

Hatha Yoga Teacher 200 Yoga Alliance

Medical Basic Education 250 hours

Reiki | & ll Practitioner

Laughter Yoga Trainer

My Story

I was born and raised in Bulgaria. When I was 19 years old I
met my ex-husband and moved to Berlin. After living 9 years in
Berlin, I had learned a new language and was holding a masters
degree in psychology, but I was not happy. I left for London on
my own. The love story with London was rather short and a year
later I moved to Zurich, where I have been living and learning
for 13 years now. Behind those moves lie many challenges,
many struggles and tears. All those made me strong and
teached me that there is a way out of any situation. Healing
myself and learning more and more coping strategies and tools
brought me from modern medicine and psychology to acient
teachings and practieses, which combined worked wonders for
me and which I am now applying in my work.
My therapy practice started some 6 years ago working with the
body and mind through yoga, breathing, reiki, NLP coaching and
some clinical practices from my education. The further education
as a psychotherapist gave me more tools and knowledge to work
with people. At the moment I consult my clients via Zoom and in
person, applying all I have learned through the years. My work
is focused on releasing trapped emotions, anxiety, panic attacks,
stress, depression, burn-out, relationship problems and past
trauma. I am also giving some workshops about well-being for
corporate and private clients.