Relationship & Couple Consulting

Healing takes place through connections
The majority of our energy is spent on establishing and maintaining relationships with other people. It has been proven that almost all mental health problems have to do and affect building or sustaining functional and satisfying relationships.

Relationship Therapy

The relationship therapy is a single-client-therapy, meaning that even if you have a partner you are coming alone to the sessions. It is there to will help you, if you:
  • Cannot connect to others on a deeper level
  • Want to improve your relationship with family members, e.g. parents, siblings or children
  • Have troubles communicating with co-workers or friends
  • Need to get rid of toxic or narcissists people, but don’t know how
  • Are always finding the “wrong” partner
  • Feel like you will never find a partner

Modality online and in person sessions
Price 55 min: 170 CHF

Package discounts available

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a therapy for both partners. We will look at your communication styles and your ways to connect on physical and emotional level.
  • are facing a difficult yes-no-decision as a couple: children, marriage, moving together, etc.
  • cannot trust your partner anymore
  • fight “all the time”
  • want to improve your love-life as a couple
  • have entered a new stage in your relationship, e.g. moving together, becoming parents or having your children moving out
  • you can bring any topic as long as you are willing to try new ways

You can heal your relationship and bring it to a new level of love and joy

Modality: Online and In person sessions:
Price 60min : 220 CHF

Package discounts available

Unfulfilled children wish

This is a special area of therapy and consulting. The work includes grieving-support and rituals for letting go. Additionally this is a therapy to remove the energetic and psychological blockages you might have against your wish

It will help you, if you:

  • have tried many times to get pregnant, but you are still not succeeding
  • wish for a child, but you are single
  • have lost a child during pregnancy or shorty after giving birth
  • have medical condition, which is not allowing you to have a child
  • are a homosexual couple and it iS not possible for you
    …and more

I am here to hold your hand while going through the dark

Modality: Online and In person sessions:

Price 60min: 170 CHF

Package discounts available

How does it work?

Before you decide to work with me,
please use the opportunity to ask me
questions and to tell me about
yourself. Schedule a free 15min call.

What does this call include:
  • short introduction
  • why are you looking for support?
  • what you would like to achieve?
Maybe you do not quite know, then we can work it out and set an achievable and meaningful goal for our work. We can also discuss the prices because I want to help people in difficult financial situations too.
My primarily goal is to help you feel better.
Languages: Bulgarian, English and German
Still not sure about it?