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Elitsa Velikova & Rozalina Angelova

All My Relations:

 Understanding relationships and healing love

This two-hour event is an information and a preparation for the 2 days workshop coming on the weekend 22nd and 23rd July 2023. The lecturer will briefly present the principles of family constellation method, how and why it is applied and how we can use it for personal topics. Some simple exercises for diagnosis and self-awareness will be demonstrated and facilitated, so that participants can be supported towards a better sense of belonging, strength and love in all of their relationships.

What is the program of the event?

  • Lecture on the family constellation method main principles of BELONGING, LOVE AND BALANCE
  • Guided visualisations and structured exercises alone and in a small group setting
  • Sharing, Q & A
  • Resource-oriented self-inquiry questions

When we regain balance from the past ancestral imprints, our personal suffering and difficulties can be transformed into a force for something new and good.
Who is this event for?

  • Everyone, who wants to learn more about inner strength, inner freedom, success, abundance and love and repair and strengthen family and couple relationships
  • Singles, who want to find out what might be on the way of finding their love
  • Parents, who want to support their children in even better ways
  • Professionals – therapists, psychologists, people working with people, and for those
    who are already familiar with the family constellation method and want to expand
    their range of techniques and continue to have own insights into their family system
For deepening the experience and participation in a constellation with your set question, we offer a 2 days workshop on 22nd and 23rd July. Both days are bookable separately.
Places are limited so early booking is recommended!


20th July 2023 in Zurich

Thursday 19:00-21:00

Price: sliding 20-35CHF

Language: English



Elitsa Velikova & Rozalina Angelova

2 Days Workshop with constellations for singles and couples:

All My Relations:

Understanding relationships and healing love

Whether we’re single or in a relationship, this workshop is designed to get to the heart of
what prevents us from having the closeness we all desire. We’ll explore the forces that
influence relationship choices – the relationship we have with ourselves and what we learnt
from our childhood about love. We’ll examine in depth the various dynamics that affect
intimacy, and demonstrate the importance of the orders of love.

You will learn

  • How to love and appreciate yourself better
  • Where your boundaries are and how to communicate them with others
  • What influences relationship choices on a subconscious level
  • Ways relationships can be significantly damaged or strengthened
  • How to preserve aliveness and establish your full weight with a partner

Participants will have the opportunity to experience Family Constellations, a three-
dimensional learning process designed to reveal the hidden dynamics and unconscious family
loyalties that limit our ability to have successful relationships.

What can you expect from the workshop?

  • Workshop duration: Two days
    • day 1 we will focus on your family of origin (Mother, Father, Entanglements in the previous generations)
    • day 2 will be dedicated to your present family, ex-partners and general obstacles to love
  • Workshop focus and  activities:
    • Family constellations: healing and detaching from family traumas, breaking free from entanglements of the past, which prevent us from experiencing love and joy
    • Identifying the impact of past events/people on our lives
    • Guided group exercises: enhancing connection, self-understanding, experience and set your own boundries
    • Addressing childhood traumas: creating inner balance and self-worth, improving relationships with others
    • Opening up to new ways of giving and receiving love
    • Sharing and journaling


22. and 23. July 2023 in Zurich

Sa & So: 09:30-16:30

Price: 550CHF Both days
Price one day: 280 CHF

Price for two: 1’000CHF (bring a friend or your partner)

Language: English


About Elitsa Velikova. Elitsa has a master’s degree in expressive arts therapy and psychology Switzerland and the UK. She is a university teacher at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, and the director of the Institute for therapy and expressive arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has been trained in various therapeutic methods, such as Family Constellations, Childhood Trauma work, Breath and body therapy, Counselling skills. Elitsa has conducted many workshops in various countries around the world – in Europe, USA, China, Turkey, and others. She has worked with adults, children, couples and families for the last 18 years individually and in groups. She facilitates educational and professional courses for family constellation and expressive arts therapy and uses these methods
in many therapeutic settings.


More about family constellations:

The method of Family Constellation is an effective way to heal difficulties or traumas in families as well as in present relationships. Most often unexpected, solution-oriented interventions bring relaxation and understanding in a problematic situation and allow love to flow again between the members of the family system and between couples.
It is also an effective way to alter the energetic field of one’s life and family, creating concrete change for the better.
Family system constellations allow us to deal with:

• Unconscious mechanisms that motivate our existence
• blockages and beliefs that we have since birth
• “entanglements” from loyalties we might carry to our ancestors.

Many different kinds of other issues can be explored in this way, not only familial:

• Challenges in communication, in life, work, or relationships
• Diseases and emotional or mental disorders
• Professional and organizational (business) issues
• Parental difficulties
• Internal conflicts of the personality

Constellation work is useful for:

• Clarifying and improving relationships in intimate, family and work relationships
• Finding the “right” place in life, gaining strength and ability to act; reconnecting with
• Bringing awareness to a current health situation helping in cases of divorce, separation,
departure through death, etc.
• in case of self-doubt or inability to make a decision on a personal or professional level;
• For improving relationships with children and supporting the whole family

The solutions brought about through this therapy work bring relaxation and understanding.
When respecting certain order and unspoken laws directing the family soul, then love can
flow freely.

Past Events

wilfried schneider &
Rozalina Angelova

Practical Workshop: When words are missing. Working with symbols as a method of intervention in psycho-social professions

5th – 6th August 2022 in Zürich
Fr: 09:15-18:30
Sat: 09:15-18:30

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