Online Psychological Counseling

Online Counseling and Coaching

What kind of support do you need? Video, phone-call and email psychological coachina?

Different challenges need different approaches. Online Psychological Counseling
and Coaching might be exactly for you.


Online Psychological Counseling on Multiple Levels tailor
made for your needs: Individuals and couples

For some time now, scientific research has been able to show that video sessions and online therapy are equally helpful and effective as life sessions for both individuals and couples!
Additional instructions from me during the video session make them an equally effective alternative.
  • Professional
  • Quickly available
  • Expert support when and where it suits you
  • Especially indicated, if you need to stay at home

Online Services: Multilevel Psychological Support

There are three different ways to get virtual help from me:
  • Video-Sessions: Those are very similar to the psychotherapy and coaching sessions in my private practice, but you are in the comfort of your home
  • Email: you can write me an E-mail. Writing on its own is a very healing practice. Depending on your issues and our agreement, we can exchange up to two psychotherapy or coaching emails a week. 
  • Phone Calls: If you do not want to have video-calls, we can adjust the sessions to “voice-only” psychotherapy or coaching
  • We can start online and then change modality to sessions in person


Video-Session: 180 CHF (individual) 
Video-Session: 240 CHF (couple)
Email: 100 CHF
Phone Call: 140 CHF

How does it work?

Before you decide to work with me, please use the opportunity to ask me questions and to tell me about yourself. Schedule a free 20min call.
What does this call include:
  • short introduction
  • why are you looking for support?
  • what you would like to achieve?
Maybe you do not quite know, then we can work it out and set an achievable and meaningful goal for our work. We can also discuss the prices because I want to help people in difficult financial situations too.
My primarily goal is to help you feel better.
Languages: Bulgarian, English and German
Still not sure about it?