Personal Psychological Counseling

Multilevel body centered psychological work

Different challenges need different approaches. Psychological Counseling, we can decide
together what fits best.

Multilevel Psychological Work

Why body centered? Why multilevel? Because our body has memory too and saves emotions and expereinces every moment of our lives. Our mind will forget trauma, but tiny parts of our muscles will remain tense, the cells will not breathe as they should and the body will still send subtle signals to lower parts of the brain that there is something wrong. This will affect our relationships, our emotions and our whole life.
We talk and we discuss as in traditional therapies, but we work on the whole system and all dimensions, which are important for a complete and not only a symptomatic healing.
Is it anxiety, low self-esteem, problems in your relationships, feeling depressed, tired and unmotivated?
Do you have panic attacks, or fear of the future? Are you struggling to let go of past events and people?
Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night overthinking, or feeling lost, or helpless? Or are you obsessed with thoughts even during the day? Is it a bad habit, like smoking or over-eating which you want but cannot let go of?
There are no taboo topics. Everything you want to discuss or solve has a meaning and is important. Healing is a journey, a path that is better walked with a companion. You don’t have to solve your “problems” alone. I will show you that there is a way out of hopelessness and helplessness. The work at the psychotherapy is all yours, but I can help you unlock your healing potential.
You are the most important person. You have all the resources to heal.

Different challenges need different approaches.

When we start working together I will explain to you the tools and methods listed here and we will decide whether, when and how we are going to use them. Some of the tools and methods we use to help us understand what is lying underneath your symptoms. Others are there to remove energy blockages, heal symptoms and causes of your discomfort and yet others are for helping you build resources and resilience.
  • Cognitive Psychotherapy tools
  • Gestalt Therapy tools
  • Body Work: influenced by
  • Breath-Work
  • Inner-child work
  • Energy Psychology: Reiki, EFT, Logosynthesis
  • System Constellations
  • Guided Meditations and Visualizations
  • Symbol Work after Wilfried Schieder
  • Arttherapy
  • Spirituality

Short-Term Solution Coaching

Short-term goal-oriented coaching on your
  • career moves
  • decision-taking
  • challenging life-events
  • conflicts with co-workers, neighbors or family members
  • mobbing
  • work-life balance: burn-out prevention
  • leadership skills and more
Sometimes all it takes is a little support to help yourself. Sometimes the answers and solutions just come naturally in conversation. But sometimes you need a mentor with experience and wisdom to stand by your side or simply do a reality-check with you. I use my 10 years experience in the corporate HR as career coach, NLP coaching and some of the psychotherapy tools listed above for achieving your set goals.
You are capable of more than you think now. Let me show you a different coaching approach and a winning strategy.

You will get an action plan and a commitment contract.

Price 55min: 180 CHF

Package discounts available, ask me

Online Therapy and Coaching

How does it work?

Before you decide to work with me,
please use the opportunity to ask me
questions and to tell me about
yourself. Schedule a free 15min call.

What does this call include:
  • short introduction
  • why are you looking for support?
  • what you would like to achieve?
Maybe you do not quite know, then we can work it out and set an achievable and meaningful goal for our work. We can also discuss the prices because I want to help people in difficult financial situations too.
My primarily goal is to help you feel better.
Languages: Bulgarian, English and German
Still not sure about it?